Tasty vegetarian recipes for meat-free days, whether that’s every day or some days. We actively support eating less meat as it’s good for your health and the planet.

Spinach Quiche Recipe

The French have taken claim to this classic recipe, but the origins are somewhat of a mystery with some claiming it's from Germany and was adopted by the French, where…

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Quick and Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

Italy is one of my favourite places on planet earth, it's a country where you can truly lose yourself in a mound of food, emerging on the other side with a very large smile on your face. Italians cook to please the soul.

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Vegetarian Chilli with Black Beans, Sweet Potato and Red Wine

Sometimes called Chilli Sin Carne (chilli without meat), this vegetarian chilli is a great vegetarian or even vegan alternative to the traditional beef Chilli Con Carne. You can make the recipe your own and experiment with substituting ingredients such as the sweet potato and carrot for butternut.

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Vegetarian Spinach Carbonara

Carbonara is a traditional Italian pasta dish from Rome that is made with egg, cured pork such as guanciale, pancetta, lardons or smoked bacon, cheeses and black pepper. The cheeses…

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