Fast Fashion Facts Infographic

Fast Fashion Facts

As you’ll see on this Fast Fashion Infographic, fast fashion might be convenient and cheap, but it comes at a cost to the environment and garment workers.

Fast fashion is often produced in countries where labour practices are poor and environmental issues can easily be brushed under the carpet. It’s an out of sight out of mind scenario. 

If you look at the facts on the fast fashion infographic below, would you still buy clothing from fast fashion outlets?


What are the Fast Fashion Facts?

  1. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions
  2. The fashion industry generates 20% of global wastewater
  3. A single pair of jeans requires a kilogram of cotton
  4. A kilogram of cotton requires about 7,500–10,000 litres of water
  5. An astonishing 20% of clothing may never be worn
  6. Up to 64% of all fabrics are made of plastic
  7. A single washing load of clothing can shed up to 17 million tiny plastic fibres into the water supply
  8. Microfibres have been found in the air, rivers, drinking water, beer, table salt and the arctic ocean
  9. The majority of garment workers are female with export factories often employing young, single women and letting them go when they get married or get pregnant
  10. Working conditions are poor, the pay is low and hours long. Workdays can be between 10 & 18 hours

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What is the Alternative to Fast Fashion

The only true alternatives are to buy from Thrift stores or to support sustainable and slow fashion brands and practices. See the articles linked below for more info:

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