12 of The Best Wooden Watches for 2022

Best Wooden Watches

We think 2022 will be the year of the best wooden watches and wooden sunglasses.

Wooden watches are beautiful and elegant, especially if you’re the kind of person who connects with nature and the environment. To help you navigate this wonderful world of wooden watches we’ve put a list of our favourite wood watches together to get you started.

Not only are these timepieces classically beautiful, but they also let you bring a little bit of nature with you every day. Wood isn’t a material often used in wrist watchmaking, but they’ve been growing in popularity which means you will find the best wooden watches for every occasion.

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Our Picks for the 10 of the Best Wooden Watch Brands in 2022

Whether you’re after timeless design, eco-chic or something a bit more trendy you won’t be disappointed. These wood watches are generally plastic-free, which is a great plus. Let’s have a look at our picks for sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly wooden watches.

1. Original Grain

Original Grain Watch

Price | £218.00

What started out as a Kickstarter project Original Grain is a unique brand, as each timepiece has its own backstory. The company seamlessly fuse all-natural and sustainable hardwoods with stainless steel. 

To give you an idea they have a range of wood watches made with reclaimed whiskey barrels. The Kentucky Bourbon Barrels are soaked in tradition and world-class whiskey. Aged to perfection this watch has both character, style and is an interesting conversation topic as well! We love that this is such an incredible watch, made from reclaimed wood. It gets our top score for sustainability and style!


2. Angie Wood Creations

Price | $160.00

Angie Wood Creations is a family-owned business based out of Canada, headquartered in French-speaking Quebec. They deliver an eco-friendly product range made from wood. You can even find bow ties, handbags and sunglasses in their shop. All products are handcrafted from sustainable wood, delivering a one-of-a-kind item.

Their designs are contemporary with the option to add a personal laser-engraved message. These watches make an exquisite nature-friendly gift for any occasion. Angie Wood’s beautiful wooden watches are packaged in an elegant bamboo box with a soft pillow for safekeeping.


3. Treehut Stainless Steel and Quartz Watch

Treehut Men's Ebony Wooden Black...

Price | $230.00

Treehut design their wood watches for outdoor souls and adventure lovers. It’s a family-owned business, that started in a basement. But they have since grown to a full team covering design, production and marketing. 

They’ve been handcrafting incredible timepieces since 2014. Each Treehut watch is equipped with a high-quality Japanese Miyota quartz movement. The Watch movements are the most important part and are built to last, with a battery life of up to 2 years.


4. Jord Watches

Jord Mens Watch No products found.

Price | $219.00 / No products found.

Jord creates incredibly beautiful timepieces that are perfect for today’s modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency and experiential living. Their watches are for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. 

Their hand sanded and polished wood watches come with Citizen Miyota Battery-powered Movements and a durable crystal scratch-resistant watch face. All their wood is sustainably sourced to produce each component of these watches.


5. Ovi Wooden Watches

Ovi Wooden Watch for men Ovi Wooden Watch for women

Price | Price not available / Price not available

Ovi makes high quality and unique wooden watches with a touch of nature. Started in 2016 as a diploma project at the Liepaja Design and Art School, Ovi has grown from a crowdfunding project to a worldwide business.

These watches are stylish and super light, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear for any occasion. The brand focuses on creating watches from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials that are toxin-free. They have joined the buy one plant campaign using part of their proceeds to plant new trees.


6. TruWood Real Wood Watches

TruWood Womens Tru Wood Mens

Price | Price not available / $119.00

TruWood is another amazing brand that started in 2016 with a mission to provide value through good quality handmade products at affordable prices. With every purchase, TruWood plants 10 trees to help restore biodiversity and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Their wood watches are made from the best quality hand-picked wood. These timeless designs will go well with every dress code and is built to last. If you’re looking for something bold, daring and sleek with a low profile then you’ll love their designs.


7. Bean & Vanilla 

Vanilla & Bean Wood Watch

Price | $147.00

Bean & Vanilla originated in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their designs are inspired by the beautiful landscape of the island. From Koa Woods to Mother-of-Pearl from the ocean, they are known for creating timepieces that remind us nature is a part of us every day. 

All their products are sustainably made and they encourage reusing, reducing, recycling and repurposing throughout their product range. We love their wide range of elegant nature-centric wood watches. They use sapphire crystal window dials and Citizen movements, delivering exceptional quality timepieces.


8. Plantwear Wood Watches

Plantwear Wood

Price | Price not available

Plantwear handcrafts all its products in its own workshop using mostly natural raw materials. This means that each design is beautifully unique, no two will be the same, delivering exclusive quality wood watches. 

The company plants around 50 trees a month in a tropical rainforest in Brasil via The Nature Conservancy Foundation. And unlike plastic/metal production there is very little pollution during their manufacturing process. 


9. Woodpecker Spain

Price | £184.54

Woodpecker watches are made with a good eye for detail. They use natural materials as much as possible to create high-quality watches. These watches are lightweight and comfortable and everything is handmade with love and passion.

This engraved wooden watch draws inspiration from simplistic Nordic and Scandinavian designs. The movement is by Citizen which guarantees precision and performance for many years to come.


10. Paul Ven Watches and Accessories

Paul Ven Watches

Price | £89.98

Paul Ven is a family-owned business based out of London. The company has a small workshop where they create sustainable fashion accessories, including wooden sunglasses from unique materials. All of their products are hand made so each item will have its own unique qualities.

With some of their products you also get a free engraving with a personalised message so that you can make this a special gift to someone important in your life. Paul Ven offers a diverse range of men’s and women’s wood watches. 


11. Botanica Men’s and Womens Watches


Price |$ 86 – $180

Made from sustainable wood Botanica watches carry a 12-month guarantee and the company plant’s a tree for every purchase. And it’s not just any old random tree, they focus on planing in areas of deforestation using only native trees, this helps the natural environment in these areas to repair.

The watches are designed and made in the UK, super lightweight and very comfortable. The movement is a battery-operated Miyota Specialist Movement.

With their watches, Botanica provides a classic, minimalist design encased in a sustainable hardwood face. They carve each watch individually which will ensure that your watch is truly unique.

It ships in a Giftbox Set with a real wood link strap (depending on the model) that matches the face, as an added bonus you also get 2 additional straps of vegan leather, ideal for a smart-casual look. You’ll also be happy to find a pin removal tool inside so that you can adjust the link strap on your own.


12. Svenn Watches

Svenn Wood Watch
Image by Svenn Watches

Price |$ 169

Svenn watches, a Delaware based watch company, was started in 2017 and stand for high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly design.

We love this emerald green combination that adds a touch of nature to an everyday accessory. Green is the colour of luck, just think of the Irish, freshness and renewal. Given that this is a fragile item it does ship in bubble wrap so not plastic-free unfortunately.

You can personalise your product to create a design completely unique to you with hand engraving if you so choose.

As with most wooden watches, it’s lightweight made from natural wood. The glass is a scratch-resistant Sapphire Glas and the movement is a Swiss Ronda 1069.


Wooden watches are not only fashionable, but they are also environmentally friendly. It is important to have a wooden watch that was created with care and love. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best wooden watches on the market today!

Wooden timepieces are not only fashionable, but they are also environmentally friendly. It is important to have a wooden watch that was created with care and love. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best wooden watches on the market today!

What to look for when buying a wood watch 

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best wooden watches. The most important factor is the quality of the wood, which will determine how long your watch lasts. Be careful as not all wood is sustainable or sustainably sourced, woods sourced from South America for example could be responsible for deforestation.

When it comes to the sustainability of wood, non-sustainable wood can still enter circulation and be marked as sustainable. A little bit like conflict diamonds it’s very difficult to say for certain that it’s been sustainably sourced. Be careful of exotic woods such as ebony for example as it can be responsible for deforestation. Do your research and double-check the brand’s material sourcing policy.

You should also check out customer reviews and ratings on different brands before making your purchase decision.

Wooden watches come in both analogue and digital styles, so it’s important that you pick the style that you are most comfortable with. Another factor to consider is what type of band your wood watch has, and whether or not it can be changed out for another one easily.

Pros and cons of wearing a wood watch

Many people are drawn to wood watches because of their eco-friendly aspects. Wood is generally light and won’t scratch in the same way that some types of metal will. They also look great and can be worn casually or with a more formal outfit depending on your preference. However, they’re not without their cons! Wood is softer than metal so it can damage if not handled with care.

Wooden watches are not generally waterproof in the same way a sports watch would be, so be careful wearing it when swimming or in the shower as it can potentially ruin the watch.

How to take care of your wooden watch

Regardless of the type of wooden watch you choose, it’s important to take care of it so that your watch lasts for many years. First and foremost, be sure to use a soft cloth or microfiber to clean the face off every time after wearing just like any other ethical watch would need. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or vinegar to clean it, as this can cause damage.

If you want your wood watch to remain in its original condition, consider avoiding wearing your watch when doing activities that might cause damage such as working out at the gym or playing sports. That way you’ll be able to keep looking great and feeling comfortable always.

Make sure to double-check the watch maker’s care instructions to keep your watch looking amazing for longer.

Which Rating Criteria did we use for this List?

When it comes to rating products we always put sustainability first and will favour products made from upcycled materials. This is why we love Original Gran products and have ranked them first. Let’s take a look at the full criteria:

  • Sustainability – the type of woods used and how they are sourced
  • Ethics – we will always favour products made by ethical brands, commited to the welfare of their workers and the planet
  • Craftmaship – when it comes to wooden watches we favour products made with care and excellent craftmanship
  • Components – using high quality components and movements to ensure durability and accurate time keeping
  • Style – style is of course subjective, but play an important role in choosing a watch of course

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