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Sustainable Swimwear

13 Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Carefree Summer Days

Are you looking to hit the beach in a beautiful and ethical swimsuit this year? With lockdown finally easing, it doesn’t matter if you’ll be going on a staycation in your back garden or if you are keen to bite the bullet and travel, an ethical swimsuit is a summer essential. There is something you’ll need to keep in mind however, swimsuits are made of plastic as it’s the plastic fibres that provide elasticity to your suit.

Textile Recycling

The Basics of Textile Recycling

Textile recycling promises to help reduce waste from the clothing and textile products we discard every year. Second-hand shops are often overwhelmed by the volume of clothing being donated, and with the best intentions, these textiles end up in landfill or get incinerated depending on where you live.

Fast Fashion Facts

Fast Fashion Facts Infographic

Fast fashion might be convenient and cheap, but it comes at a cost to the environment and garment workers. Fast fashion is often produced in countries where labour practices are poor and environmental issues can easily be brushed under the carpet. It’s an out of sight out of mind scenario. 


Best Online Thrift Stores and more; for Beautiful Vintage Clothing

Building a sustainable wardrobe that is more eco friendly by frequenting thrift stores is an excellent idea. However, thrifting is not always as effortless as it may sound as you need to spend a little bit of time digging around to find beautiful pieces, but you can do that from the comfort of your sofa as there is an ever-growing number of online thrift stores around.

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