Growing your own herbs and vegetables is so rewarding and it doesn’t have to travel to get to your table. Find our latest tips and advice for an eco-friendly and edible garden.


How to Grow Sprouts Indoors All Year Round

You can grow sprouts on your kitchen counter all year round, it’s so easy and a fun project to help teach kids about growing food. Sprouts only take a few days before they ready and all you need are a few containers such as mason jars or a tray and the seeds of your choice.

How to Grow Microgreens Inside

How to Grow Microgreens Indoors

Microgreens include a variety of small edible greens, harvested less than one month after they have germinated. In essence, they are baby plants that have been sown densely with the aim to harvest the first set of true leaves. Microgreens are not sprouts, as you harvest them with scissors and don’t eat them root and all, they are just tiny nutrient-rich plants that have not been allowed to mature.

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