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Loofah Alternative

8 Loofah Alternatives For Eco Friendly Bath & Shower Time

One of the most popular bath and shower time accessories, loofah sponges have been a staple in many households for the last few decades. Loofahs are made from one of two materials: natural plant fibres or synthetic plastic material (such as nylon). The best loofah alternative is both hygienic and plastic-free.

Zero Waste Swaps

17 Surprisingly Simple Zero Waste Swaps

Eliminating waste from your life with suitable zero waste swaps are easier said than done, sometimes it’s as if you can’t seem to get away from all the single-use plastic and disposables.

Zero Waste Dish Soap

Zero Waste Dish Soap, 8 Brands for Squeaky Clean Dishes

Zero waste style dishwashing blocks were the go-to in every kitchen before liquid detergent became popular in the mid 20th century. Little did we know that we’ll be drowning in plastic just short of 100 years later and should’ve stuck with the trusty dish soap bar.

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