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Zero Waste Makeup Brands

Zero Waste Makeup: 12 Brands to Try and Love

Most make-up found in high street shops or your local mall is filled with all kinds of questionable ingredients; preservatives, chemicals and stuff that you would be better off without. But we are starting to see real alternatives to popular beauty brands that are kind to our bodies, the planet and produce zero waste. Even though today’s commercial makeup has moved on from the poisonous concoctions that our ancestors cooked up in the name of beauty. Some of which contained mercury, arsenic and led


Natural Skincare: Easy Homemade DIY Facial Oil

Over the past few years, I have become very fond of using organic and natural oils as a moisturiser. It’s been a life-changing experience as there is an oil for any skin issue and if you learn to blend these yourself it can be a wonderful clean skin and money-saving tool.

Zero Waste Shampoo

Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner Brands You’ll Love + Tips for Switching

Buying shampoos and conditioners in a liquid containing plastic bottle has become second nature. But the number of shampoo bottles discarded every year is alarming. Most of these bottles are also filled with a cocktail of chemicals with names you can?t pronounce, which most likely means that it?s not good for you or the planet. But you probably know that already, so what can be done?

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