Zero Waste Dish Soap, 8 Brands for Squeaky Clean Dishes

Zero Waste Dish Soap

Cutting down on plastic at home by switching to plastic-free dish soap is a fantastic step towards reducing our overall waste game. It’s not just about the waste factor, right?

Zero waste dish soap? They’re like the rockstars of the eco-friendly cleaning world – no plastic packaging in sight (yup, totally zero waste!), and they often come packed with more natural goodness than your regular soap. Double win! So, this is the way to go if you’re on a mission to minimize waste and give those nasty chemicals a run for their money in your home. Just a little heads-up, though – the block version might require a teensy bit of adjustment time.

Let’s throw it back to the good ol’ days when everyone used dishwashing blocks like it was the norm. Fast forward to the mid-20th century, and liquid detergent swoops in, stealing the spotlight. Who knew we’d be swimming in plastic not too long after, wishing we’d stuck with those reliable, plastic-free dish soap bars? But times have changed, my friend, and now you’ve got a whole array of options.

We’re big fans of those dishwashing blocks, let me tell you. They’re like the cool cats of the soap world and less wasteful than their liquid counterparts. With one of these blocks, you can control exactly how much soap you use on your dishcloth or brush – no more accidental liquid soap floods, especially when dealing with a quick little cleanup. Time to suds up and soak in the zero-waste vibes!

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11 Best Zero Waste Dish Soaps

No Tox Life

1. No Tox Life Dish Block®

No Tox Life stands tall as a shining example of a company that embraces and embodies the values of eco-friendliness and sustainability. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, this family-run business is committed to crafting products that positively impact both our homes and the environment. With a passion for reducing waste and promoting a healthier lifestyle, No Tox Life’s mission resonates through its creations, including the remarkable Dish Block.

The Dish Block® dishwashing soap that No Tox Life makes is very popular as it’s a cleaning powerhouse with a rich, soapy lather. It will take care of stubborn grease and grime on your dishes, pots and pans with added aloe vera to be gentle on your skin. This version is completely unscented, fragrance-free and surfactant based.

The Ingredients – Delve into the heart of the matter – the ingredients that make the No Tox Life Dish Block a standout performer. This solid block of cleaning power is formulated with an all-natural blend of plant-based ingredients that cut through grease and grime with ease. Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other harmful additives, it’s a safe and effective choice for your dishes and the environment. The biodegradable composition ensures that when you’re done with it, the Earth will welcome it back with open arms.

The Packaging – Sustainability takes center stage even in the packaging of the No Tox Life Dish Block. Encased in a thoughtfully designed and minimalistic recycled paper sleeve, this soap is as conscious on the outside as it is on the inside. The packaging reflects the brand’s commitment to reducing waste and minimising its carbon footprint. And guess what? No plastic in sight. The soap arrives in your hands with minimal fuss and a maximal eco-friendly vibe.

In a world where every choice counts, the No Tox Life Dish Block emerges as a standout option for those looking to merge effective cleaning with eco-consciousness. From its reasonable price to its planet-loving ingredients and packaging, this product shines as a testament to No Tox Life’s dedication to creating a cleaner, greener future, one dish at a time.

The Price – Priced reasonably, this eco-friendly gem offers impressive bang for your buck. The price is well worth considering its longevity and concentrated vegan cleaning power. The cost-per-use ratio makes it a budget-friendly choice that aligns perfectly with your sustainable lifestyle. A little goes a long way, making each dishwashing session an eco-conscious and economic endeavour.

This soap is palm oil-free and comes in an XL and standard size, you can also buy them in bulk directly from the company’s website.


Eco Living

2. Eco Living Zero Waste Dish Soap

Based in the UK, Eco Living is a sustainable product distributor that also makes its own range of products. The company is carbon neutral and part of the 1% for the Planet project.

Eco Living, is commited to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable living and has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the fight against environmental degradation. Their values shine through in every product they create, making the Zero Waste Dish Soap a clear manifestation of their dedication to a greener future.

The Ingredients – The heart of the Eco Living Zero Waste Dish Soap lies in its carefully chosen ingredients. Crafted with plant-based and biodegradable components, this soap gets down to business without compromising your health or the planet’s well-being. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and synthetic additives – this soap uses the power of nature to tackle tough grease and stains. The transparency in ingredient selection reflects Eco Living’s unwavering commitment to providing a safe and effective cleaning experience.

This soap is so mild they says you can use the water on your plants, we’ve not tried this yet but if you have let us know if your greenery is still alive in the comments! And yes, it’s a plastic-free dish soap bar that is biodegradable and palm oil-free.

The Packaging –  This Zero Waste Dish Soap arrives in a thoughtfully designed, plastic-free container that exudes eco-friendliness. Free from excess frills, the minimalist packaging is a testament to the brand’s dedication to reducing unnecessary waste. With a focus on practicality and sustainability, the packaging effortlessly complements the product’s purpose – a holistic approach to cleaning that doesn’t harm the planet.

The Price – Eco Living’s Zero Waste Dish Soap not only cleans your dishes but also cleans up the environment, all without breaking the bank. Priced reasonably, this soap is economical for those seeking a sustainable dishwashing solution. The cost-effectiveness extends beyond your wallet – the soap’s concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way, making it a smart choice for your household budget and eco-friendly aspirations.

In a world where conscious choices matter more than ever, Eco Living’s Zero Waste Dish Soap emerges as a game-changer. From its commitment to sustainable practices and thoughtfully selected ingredients to its eco-conscious packaging and affordable price, this soap exemplifies the values that Eco Living stands for. If you’re searching for a cleaner home and a cleaner planet, the Eco Living Zero Waste Dish Soap should be at the top of your sustainable shopping list.


No products found.

3. Meliora Plastic-Free Dish Soap

Meliora’s soaps are all handmade. The company is based out of Chicago and focus on understanding the lifecycle of the product by examining the environmental impact and waste each product creates throughout its life. 

With a philosophy rooted in transparency and environmental responsibility, Meliora has garnered a reputation for crafting products that make a positive impact. This woman-owned, family-owned company stands at the forefront of the eco-conscious movement, and its Plastic-Free Dish Soap reflects its unwavering dedication to reducing plastic waste and promoting a cleaner planet.

At Meliora they design products to Work, yet be People- and Planet-Friendly.

The Ingredients – The handwashing zero waste dish soap in their range uses Coconut and Sunflower Seed Oils as the base vegetable oils for the soap. This combination gives a firm bar that lathers and cleans while easily.

This soap boasts a plant-based formula that harnesses the natural power of ingredients to deliver a thorough clean. Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other harmful chemicals, it ensures your dishes sparkle without compromising your health or the environment.

This is a soap-based dish block that contains saponified coconut oil and saponified sunflower seed oil. We’ve also featured Meliora in our post about zero waste laundry detergent.

The Packaging – Plastic-free living takes centre stage with Meliora’s thoughtful packaging design. The Plastic-Free Dish Soap arrives in a recyclable cardboard box, eliminating the need for unnecessary plastic waste. Meliora’s packaging embodies its ethos of transparency and responsibility, showcasing its dedication to a cleaner, greener world.

The Price – Meliora’s Plastic-Free Dish Soap offers conscientious cleaning and budget-friendly sensibilities. Priced reasonably, this soap provides an economical option for those prioritising sustainable living. The soap’s concentrated formula ensures a little goes a long way, enhancing its value and longevity. Meliora’s commitment to accessibility and affordability aligns seamlessly with its ethos of making positive change accessible to all.

Meliora’s Plastic-Free Dish Soap shines as a beacon of sustainable cleaning. From their ethical business practices to carefully curated ingredients and plastic-free packaging, Meliora demonstrates that a cleaner, greener future is within reach. If you’re seeking an effective and environmentally responsible dish soap that aligns with your values.


4. Bower Collective Fragrance-Free Washing Up Liquid

Bower is committed to leaving a better world behind. They bring you products that look good, feel good, reduce waste, are sustainable and effective.

Their washing up liquid is a perfume-free power liquid that cuts through grease and burnt-on stains effortlessly, it’s highly concentrated and ingredients are ethically sourced. The product is 100% hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

The Ingredients – Bower Collective’s Fragrance-Free Washing Up Liquid sets a high bar for ingredient purity. Crafted with a blend of plant-based components, this washing up liquid boasts a fragrance-free formula that’s gentle on both your skin and the Earth. Free from synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals, it offers a clean, effective solution for tackling grease and grime. By embracing natural ingredients, Bower Collective ensures that every wash contributes to a healthier, happier home while leaving behind a smaller environmental footprint.

The Packaging – Bower Collective’s dedication to sustainability shines through in its packaging design, not just for this product but throughout its whole range. The refill pouch exemplifies the brand’s commitment to minimizing waste and promoting circular practices. The refillable nature of the packaging not only reduces plastic usage but also encourages a lasting commitment to responsible cleaning. Bower Collective’s approach redefines the concept of cleanness, extending beyond surfaces to encompass our planet’s well-being.

The Price – Bower Collective’s Fragrance-Free Washing Up Liquid marries eco-consciousness with affordability. The concentrated formula ensures a little goes a long way. This washing-up liquid is economical for those looking to make mindful cleaning decisions without compromising quality. 

In a world where every choice counts, Bower Collective’s Fragrance-Free Washing Up Liquid is a testament to the transformative power of green cleaning, from its commitment to ingredient integrity and innovative packaging to its budget-friendly approach. Bower Collective delivers a sustainable cleaning essential if you’re searching for a fragrance-free washing-up liquid rather than a bar.


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5. Cleancult Dish Plastic-Free Dish Soap

Get ready to meet the cleaning powerhouse shaking things up – Cleancult Dish Plastic-Free Dish Soap! These folks are about making a difference and are not afraid to show it. Cleancult is on a mission to revolutionise cleaning by putting the planet first. With a solid commitment to reducing plastic waste, they’ve created a plastic-free dish soap that doesn’t just clean your dishes but also cleans up the environment. Cleancult’s values shine through in every suds-filled bottle, making them the go-to for those who believe that a cleaner home goes hand-in-hand with a cleaner Earth.

The Ingredients – Let’s spill the beans (or should we say soap?) on what makes Cleancult Dish Plastic-Free Dish Soap so impressive. It’s like a chemistry experiment gone right without all the funky stuff. This soap has naturally derived ingredients that play nicely with your dishes and the planet. Think plant-based goodness free from phthalates, phosphates, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes and other nasties. 

The Packaging – Say goodbye to plastic bottle blues – Cleancult’s got your back! The Plastic-Free Dish Soap comes in a milk carton-type container that’s practical and planet-friendly. The refillable design means less plastic waste and more eco-love. And don’t worry, they’ve got a handy dandy reusable bottle, too, if you’d like to pick one of those up. 

The Price – Now, let’s talk about the cost. Cleancult’s Plastic-Free Dish Soap isn’t just an investment in cleaner dishes – it’s an investment in a cleaner future. It might be a tad pricier than your run-of-the-mill dish soap, but here’s the better for the planet – who can argue with that logic?

So, there you have it – Cleancult Dish Plastic-Free Dish Soap is making waves for all the right reasons, from its planet-loving values and natural ingredients to its earth-friendly packaging. If you’re ready to join the eco-cleaning revolution and say “so long” to plastic waste, this soap is your new BFF. Prepare to scrub, shine, and save the planet – one dish at a time!


Eco Leaf

6. Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets

Eco-leaf is on a mission to redefine how we do dishes, which they’re doing with a strong dose of eco-consciousness. Ecoleaf is all about sustainable solutions that don’t compromise performance. With a commitment to reducing environmental impact, they’ve whipped up dishwasher tablets that clean surprisingly well.

The Ingredients – Let’s dive into what makes Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets shine – or should we say sparkle? These tablets are like a bouquet of good-for-the-planet ingredients, including plant-based and biodegradable components that take care of business without messing with the environment. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals and hello to a clean conscience. The formula is free from phosphates and chlorine, making it safe for your dishes and our oceans. With Ecoleaf, your words get the VIP treatment without any compromises.

The Packaging: Ecoleaf is here to prove that eco-friendly can also be stylishly cool. Their Dishwasher Tablets come in a nifty recyclable cardboard box. No plastic nightmares here! And inside that box? Individual tablets are wrapped in a soluble, biodegradable film. It’s like a little eco-friendly party for your dishwasher. Ecoleaf’s packaging helps ensure your clean routine doesn’t leave a mess behind for future generations.

The Price – Okay, let’s talk green – the kind that doesn’t just save the planet but also your wallet. Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets is not far off that of regular dishwasher detergents. Ecoleaf’s commitment to affordability and efficiency is a win-win for you and the planet.

Suppose you’re ready to upgrade your dishwashing routine and make a splash with sustainability. In that case, these tablets are your new partners in crime. Get ready to load up, hit the start button, and watch your dishes come out sparkling and guilt-free!


etee dish concentrate

7. etee Dish Soap Concentrate

Hold onto your dish gloves because Etee is here to take your dishwashing to a new level of green if you let them! These eco-innovators are all about shaking things up in the cleaning world with their Dish Soap Concentrate. Etee stands for “Everything Touches Everything Else,” they’re on a mission to ensure that everything that touches your dishes is good for you and the planet. Committing to reducing waste and creating a toxin-free living. 

The Ingredients – Let’s get down to the sudsy details. It’s like they gathered the best of Mother Nature’s cleaning crew and bottled it up just for you. This soap is all about plant-based, biodegradable ingredients that take grime and grease to task without harming the environment. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a cleaner clean. The formula is free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, making it safe for your dishes and conscience. With etee, you’re getting a clean you can feel good about.

Each of these pods makes 400ml of dish soap. It doesn’t contain SLS so won’t make as many bubbles, but is not harmful to marine life or to your family.

The Packaging: Etee’s got a trick up their sleeve regarding packaging – or should we say, lack thereof? This Dish Soap Concentrate comes in plastic-free, compostable beeswax pod. The soap arrives in a nifty paper box that’s both practical and eco-friendly. Etee’s packaging approach is a game-changer, showing that a clean home and a clean Earth can totally go hand in hand.

The Price: Now, let’s talk dollars and scents – because the Dish Soap Concentrate is a win for both. Sure, it might seem pricier than your regular dish soap, but it’s all worth it. 

In a world where clean isn’t just about sparkle, etee Dish Soap Concentrate shines as a green cleaning hero. From their planet-loving values and natural ingredients to their revolutionary packaging and budget-conscious pricing, etee proves that cleaning can be effective, eco-friendly, and seriously satisfying. This concentrate is your go-to if you’re ready to ditch the plastic and suds up with sustainability

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Plant Future Soap

8. Plant Future Solid Dish Soap

Handmade in Canada this Solid Dish Soap from Plant Future will definitely help you to eliminate plastic dish soap bottles. It’s gentle on your hands and a powerful stain remover. You can even get stains out of fabrics such as sponge cloths and produce bags.

Their standard 13 oz bar is said to replace 5 plastic bottles of dish soap, now that’s kind of impressive right?

Made from saponified coconut oil, olive oil it’s vegan, plastic-free, palm oil-free and compostable.

Find them on Etsy

Types of Zero Waste Dish Soap

As you may remember from my post about choosing Zero Waste Shampoo Bars, you get two types of soaps; a surfactant or syndet based soap and a soap-based version. For dishwashing, the surfactant soaps are likely to be a bit more effective, but it’s worth giving the soap versions a try to see what works for you.

We tend to lean towards surfactant-based as we live in a hard water area, which can help prevent soap residue and buildup on surfaces, especially in the sink plughole – which can be a pain to remove.

In the spirit of a zero-waste philosophy, aim to look for products that are biodegradable and have reusable or recyclable packaging. Choosing zero waste products one by one is done in small and incremental steps, not all in one go. Use what you have first and then replace the products gradually.

DIY Zero Waste Dish Soap

You can, of course, make your own soap at home using a base of Castile soap. For the Castile, you can either buy one such as the Dr Bronner Castile Soap or make your own using a recipe such as this one from the Soap Queen. 

Once you have your Castile Soap you can follow this handy tutorial by elsaannukka to make your own plastic-free dish soap. It basically uses grated Castile Soap, mixed with bicarbonate soda, essential oils and water. Just be mindful that water can encourage bacterial growth within liquid soaps and should ideally contain a form of preservative so if you are set on making your own it’s best to make this soap in small quantities using distilled water. Once made, place it in a soap dispenser that does not encourage bacterial growth such as this one


Eco-friendly Washing-Up Sponges

So you’ve chosen the zero waste dish soap you’d like to try, the next step would be to replace your plastic-based scrubbers with something more eco friendly. There is no need to just chuck your current scrubby in the bin if it still has life left, you can replace it once it’s dead in the water. 

Personally, we like a dish brush like this one and Swedish Dish Cloths like these as they last a really long time. You can also get a scouring pad made of coconut husk or walnut shells. For a full list of eco-friendly washing up gadgets, see our previous post linked below:

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