Sustainable Furniture: Choosing the Best Eco Friendly Decor

Sustainable Furniture

We all know that sustainable furniture is better for the environment. But how do you make sure that the materials used are sustainable and sustainably sourced?

As you’re reading this page we’re pretty sure you can’t think of anything worse than being unknowingly responsible for deforestation, but yes it happens, unfortunately.

Moving away from cheap flat-pack furniture is a good start, as this throwaway culture is quickly depleting natural resources.

If you have to go flat-pack then choosing the best quality you can afford will help to ensure that the pieces last longer. But this type of product is so easy to throw out as it gets damaged or goes out of style quickly. We’re big fans of buying classic good quality pieces that you can easily sell on when the time comes to redecorate.

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Even better, why not get creative and upcycle your favourite pieces to revitalise them and make them last longer. And if you’re not that creative, there are so many companies who make it their business to upcycle and reclaim furniture so you don’t have to get down and dirty.

Sustainable Furniture – Our Top Picks

Let’s have a look at some amazing and unique sustainable furniture brands.

Sustainable Furniture Greenington

1. Greenington

Furniture Type | Bedroom, sofas & chairs, accent tables, storage

Greenington uses bamboo to make beautiful contemporary sustainable furniture. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that is harvested without destroying the plant as it will quickly regrow.

Greenington’s furniture comes in a few different finish options such as a natural Caramalised finish which has a rich honey tone or Sable which has a deeply rich and exotic look. You can also find Mocha and Black Walnut, colour options that resemble those of popular flat-pack furniture. But in this case, the material is much more sustainable as it’s made from solid Moso bamboo.

The company focuses on preserving the local ecosystem by leaving the bamboo root system intact as it will grow new shoots without having to re-plant. It’s very different from the clear-cutting method used for timber harvesting. That means all the bamboo material is used and nothing is wasted, including the sawdust which is used to generate steam to mould the bamboo.

Greenington makes anything from beds and nightstands to dining room furniture.

Find them at Made Trade


2. Masaya & Co

Furniture Type | Bedroom, sofas & chairs, accent tables, storage

Masaya & Co uses renewable resources and sustainable wood. They are committed to the reforestation of deforested land with tropical hardwood species. This is done by proactively converting cow pasture to plantations or forests where carbon can be sequestered to improve water quality and restore the health of the soil. Overall reforestation also helps combat soil erosion and restores the natural habitat of native wildlife.

These forests are then sustainably managed to create jobs and maintain the forest, ensuring longevity alongside productivity. Masaya & Co helps to rebalance nature, the way it was intended.

They have a showroom in Nashville if you’d like to see their pieces in person and offer free shipping in the USA. We love their stylish, vibrant chairs and rustic dining sets. If you’re looking for something a bit different and lively then you should include a few of these pieces into your sustainable home.

Buy from Etsy


3. Emeco Sustainable Furniture

Furniture Type | Bedroom, sofas & chairs, accent tables, storage

Emeco is an innovative sustainable furniture brand made in Hanover, Pennsylvania. They create elegant and durable furniture, usually by hand, using waste material. Their story started in 1944 with a request for the now popular Navy chair. They were approached to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. And well, the chair is still sold today!

The company collaborates with designers from around the world, creating high-end stools, chairs and tables all made from recycled or reclaimed materials. You’ll often find materials such as cork, wood, eco-friendly concrete, plastic bottles and recyclable aluminium in their collections.

Emeco continues to lead the industry when it comes to repurposing waste materials in an environmentally responsible way. They have also started to measure and declare the CO2 emissions of their products so that they can purposefully reduce the carbon footprint of each item. It’s a bit like nutrition labels on food if you think about it.

They make chairs, tables, benches, daybeds and a range of other beautiful pieces alongside their made to order collections.

Find them on Made Trade


4. Etsy Reclaimed

Furniture Type | Benches, tables, beds, chairs, shelves and more

Etsy is a treasure chest of handmade and unique items. It’s a marketplace for all kinds of wonderful things including reclaimed sustainable furniture.

We’re big fans of Etsy as you may have noticed, as it’s a wonderful platform where small sellers of handmade items can expand their customer base. You don’t get the convenience and logistics network that you’ll get from some of the other mass appeals online market places but you’ll find pieces that are often hand made and shipped to your door.

Etsy’s reclaimed page is filled to the brim with new furniture made from old. You can’t get more sustainable than that! There are rustic style pieces, contemporary and anything in-between. If you’re looking for a way to give old wood, meant for landfills a new lease of life then Etsy is the place to be.

Buy from Etsy

Photo by Medley Home

5. Medley

Furniture Type | Sofas, dining room furniture, beds, storage

Medley believes that home is not only the roof over our heads but the planet on which we live – we would like to agree.

Their “More Trees, Please!” initiative helps to reduce carbon through planting trees while highlighting the relationship between their furniture, the planet and our lives. As a company, they take “get back to good” by heart, ensuring that every aspect of the business serves the wellbeing of customers and the planet. With that philosophy, they plant 3 trees for every one used in their sustainable furniture in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. So when you buy a Medley piece you can be confident that you’re giving back.

Medley is handcrafted in California and offer a 100 day free returns trial, you can also be confident that they don’t use harsh chemicals or fire retardants – something that has come under scrutiny over the last few years as fireproof coatings can be quite toxic.

Buy from Medly Home

Sabai Furniture
Photo by Sabai

6. Sabai

Furniture Type | Sofas, chairs

Sabai makes high quality, sustainable sofas with recycled, up-cycled, and nontoxic materials. It’s pet-friendly and easy to clean. 

The company is committed to the environment and its products are made with an eye for sustainability. Their repair don’t replace philosophy means that you can find replacement components to repair items and they will trade yours in. Or you can buy second-hand from their shop for up to 30% off. It’s all part of their closed-loop promise.

So if you’re looking for a company with a zero waste and closed-loop philosophy then Sabai is the one for you. Their sofas are beautifully made, modern and chic. And can be repaired and refreshed to last a lifetime.

By buying used you’re helping to reduce the product’s carbon footprint by as much as 82%. And their partnership with FloorFound gives second-hand a real chance. Each Sabai sofa that doesn’t end up in a landfill prevents 1.3 cubic yards of waste. Now that’s impressive!

Buy from Sabai

Sustainable Furniture Chair
Photo by Citizenry

7. The Citizenry

Furniture Type | Soft furnishings, tables, chairs and home decor

The Citizenry believe that our homes should be a reflection of our life’s journey. Personal space should feed the soul and have a purpose. That’s why they get inspiration from all over the world for their exclusive collections. They partner with master artisans from all corners of the earth to blend modern style with time tested techniques.

Visiting each country means that they can build relationships with artisans so they can sell directly online without a middleman. That’s how they can offer handmade goods at competitive prices.

The Citizenry celebrates the people behind their products and wanted a name that reflects the collective of artisans, designers and dreamers.

We love the unique and classic design of their sustainable furniture that stands out and spells luxury. They use vegetable tanned leather reducing the impact that comes from traditional leather tanning processes.

Buy from The Citizenry

Photo by Avocado

8. Avocado

Furniture Type | Mattresses, beds and bedding

Avocado makes natural, safe and responsible products, designed in Hoboken and handmade in California. They use GOTS certified organic and non-toxic materials that are responsibly sourced.

Part of their philosophy is to create mattresses, pillows and bedding at affordable prices while looking after the environment. To help safeguard and protect our health and the planet they strictly follow the sustainable business practice.

Avocado is a Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral certified. They also donate 1% of their revenues to carefully vetted non-profit organisations through their partnership with 1% for the planet. To top it all off their factories are powered by renewable energy and are quickly approaching zero waste. Oh, and did we mention they care for close to 200 000 sheep and grow their natural latex? Yes, that’s right!

If that doesn’t impress you then the products will stand on their own. They even make adjustable bedframes to go with their eco mattresses and bedding.

Buy from Avocado

Upcycled Furniture

9. The Painted Toucan

Furniture Type | Drawers and cabinets

Our list will not be complete without a notable upcyler. If you’ve ever scrolled through upcycled furniture examples on Pinterest then you’ll love the Painted Toucan.

They restore and upcycle furniture with great attention to detail. With incredible vintage pieces restored and painted using vibrant regal colours and patterns.

If you’re after a unique signature piece that grabs and holds the attention within any room, then one of these pieces might be just what you need.

Buy from Etsy

10. Motor City Barrels

Furniture Type | Chairs and tables

Motor City Barrels upcycle old whisky barrels into new wonderful furniture. These barrels are a labour of love. It all started when owner Robbie refinished barrels for his wedding. After posting a few images online they received a lot of interest and had ten barrel orders to fill.

They use Whiskey barrels from American distilleries that are no longer needed. Some breweries and distilleries will use the barrels more than once, but this process can only be repeated a few times before the barrels won’t safely hold the liquid. Motor City Barrels buy these used barrels before they are thrown out.

You’ll even sometimes find a Jack Daniels barrel or two amongst their raw materials. 90% of all products are made with recycled materials.

Buy from Etsy

Closing Thoughts on Sustainable Furniture

The sustainable furniture trend is here to stay. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious the world is slowly starting to change for the better. We hope that this list of green products has helped you on your journey towards a greener lifestyle!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reduce your environmental footprint, buying used, upcycled or furniture from recycled/reclaimed materials is one of the best ways.

No matter what your preferred style, there is a sustainable furniture brand that can help turn your house into a home, where you can thrive, grab a bit of breathing space and revive the soul.

We’ve learned the hard way that buying cheap “disposable” furniture will cost the planet and your bank balance more in the long run. We believe joining a more circular economy where products are made of good quality materials in such a way that they can be revived and resold is a much better way of looking at things. With a little love and tender care, you can go a long way to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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