Beautiful and Sustainable Gifts for Her

Gifts for her

Buying gifts, let alone sustainable gifts for her can be a daunting task, hours of scrolling through online guides, walking the halls of your local mall or scouring the high street. Either way, you want to impress with a sustainable gift for her birthday or Christmas, whether she’s your beautiful wife, a friend, your girlfriend or your daughter you would like to make this special right?

Gift-giving is not always about the amount of money you spend but rather the thought behind it, so knowing the special woman in your life well is super important if you’d like to buy something she’s going to use again and again. There is nothing worse than buying something that won’t be used, adding to our ever-growing landfill problem. Why not get her an eco-friendly gift that she will use and love for many years.  

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Sustainable Gifts for Her – Celebrate in 2022

Here is a list of our favourite sustainable gifts for women:

Beautiful Sustainable Bags

I don’t know many women who do not like a beautiful bag or a stylish watch. And you definitely can’t have too many bags, when choosing something you can opt for bold colours or neutral tones to take your pick. These beautiful Elvis & Kresse bags are beautifully made from decommissioned fire hoses, making them the perfect sustainable gift for her.

Sustainable Tote Bag

Every woman needs a classic tote in her wardrobe for those days when you have a bit more to carry than normal. The fire & hide tote by Elvis & Kresse is handcrafted from the finest rescued leather, complemented by decommissioned fire-hose that is super durable. It comes with a reclaimed cotton lining from Burberry.

It’s a beautiful all-day bag that can be carried over the shoulder. This bag is nice and big and can easily fit a laptop along with other essentials such as a purse, keys and makeup bag. As these bags are made from reclaimed materials you’re guaranteed that no two pieces will be exactly the same, making it a wonderfully unique and sustainable gift.

Classic Tote Made from Decommissioned Fire-hose 
Elvis & Kresse


This beautiful crossbody bag is made from rescued leather and durable decommissioned firehose. Inside, the lining is made with reclaimed parachute silk.

It’s a good-sized compact bag, perfect for everyday essentials and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. The crossbody bag comes with a snap-shut flap, keeping your phone, keys and cards safe.

Elvis & Kresse is committed to rescuing leather that ends up on the cutting floor along with London’s decommissioned fire-hoses, giving these items a new purpose, helping to reduce waste within the fashion industry.

Crossbody Bag Made from Decommissioned Fire-hose
Elvis & Kresse

Timeless Sustainable Watches

A classic timeless watch is always a great gift option. Choose between the most exciting sustainable and ethically made watches.

Nordgreen makes beautiful sustainable and ethical watches, so you can be sure of what your purchase means. In the Nordics, design and function work hand-in-hand, comfort and style. The company is committed to doing better every day, securing the future for the generations to come.

Nordgreen is involved in a range of environmental and community projects, for example, their ‘Giving Back programme’ supports the principles of health, education and sustainability. It’s a brand of purpose with giving back at it’ core.

Infinity | White Dial – Silver-Rose

Sustainable Watch

Votch is set on changing the watch industry and ensuring sustainable practices. They’re cruelty-free and passionate about animal welfare. Inspired to make a difference, eliminating the toxic practices in the leather industry.

With the simple philosophy, doing the best you can do, Votch is striving to do better and create better products that have a small environmental footprint and don’t harm animals. With every new purchase on their website, they plant a mangrove tree, an incredible carbon sink that stabilises the soil in Madagascar.

Black & Gold Vegan Classic Watch

Ethical Watch

A certified B corporation, Solios, was built on sustainable principles. Their goal; to prove it’s possible to create sustainable accessories with beautiful designs.

Solios watches are solar powered and made to last a lifetime. Part of the slow fashion movement, you can easily invest in their classic design that will stand the test of time. Their solar technology means that you can save more than 20 batteries in a single lifetime.

Solar Powered Watches

Self-care Sustainable Gifts for Her

Give her some TLC to wind down and recharge. Here are a few options for well-deserved self-care time.

Tea Infuser

This Unique bamboo exterior infuser is made from 100% organic bamboo. Perfect for those moments when you need to take a break and refresh.

The stainless steel interior will ensure a steady temperature for 12 hours. It comes complete with a detachable tea infuser and strainer, allowing her to brew loose leaf tea or use it as a fruit infuser.

Take a Break Coffee, Tea & Fruit Infuser
Santai Living

Wax Candle

The eco Candle Co. is an environmentally responsible artisan candle maker. They believe in using the best ingredients possible.

The Spa Day candle is made with phthalate-free fragrance serving a combination of fresh floral undertones with musk and lemon. The container is made from recycled glass and the candle is 100% soy.

Soy Wax Candle
Eco Candle Co


Made in Italy the Bialetti stovetop Moka pot is a classic must-have for all coffee lovers who would like to reduce waste.

With this pot, she’ll be able to make incredible coffee without the worry of pod disposal or having to throw away single-use filters. It comes in a range of sizes and is super easy to clean and use.

Me-time Espresso Maker

Sustainable Food

What we eat has a big impact on our bodies as well as our planet. With this book, Tim Spector busts the biggest myths in “food and diet news”. He explores the science behind diet and the power of the food industry.

Spoon-Fed is an incredible book that allows you to question your diet. Know what food labels mean and what sustainable food habits really look like.

Spoon Fed
Tim Spector

Mindfulness Cards

Cultivate a sustainable mind with mindful moments. Mindfulness can break the cycle of emotional shopping and even overeating. With these cards, she can stay calm, aware and present to find the joy in what life has to offer.

Bite-sized mindfulness, big enough to fit into your pocket. Draw a car to set your intention for the day and get inspired.

Mindfulness Cards
Chronicle Books

Bath Bomb Gift Set - USA Made with...

Give her the gift of relaxation at its finest. Crafted from natural ingredients and organic shea butter, cocoa butter, Epsom salt and kaolin clay. Give her time to soak, breathe and recharge. These bath bombs make a great gift for any occasion.

Each bath bomb is infused with lush essential oils to help soak away the stresses of her busy life. You can’t go wrong with this luxurious set.

Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set
Beauty by Earth

Gifts for The Passionate or Busy Cook

Does she love to cook or would she like a few hacks to make quick and easy meals during her busy day? Juggling work and home life can be tough so giving her a few time-saving tools and options will definitely put a smile on her face.

Sustainable cooking

The Blue Zone cookbook was written by Dan Buettner who has gathered 100 recipes from around Blue Zones areas. These are the healthiest and happiest places around the world, where people live beyond 100. These recipes are healthy and sustainable with low meat content, filling your body and your kitchen with complete joy.

Based on traditional cooking with food made with great natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong with this book.

The Blue Zones Kitchen
Dan Buettner

Plant Based

Help her live a life full of energy while enjoying delicious meals. This plant-based recipe book is filled with great recipes that are more sustainable without the meat.

She’ll make unique easy meals, with great and effortless results every time. Help her to feel great, and even shed a few lbs throughout the process.

Plant-Based Cookbook For Beginners
Sidney Johnson

Sustainable cookware

Made with durable and non-toxic cast iron, this set of cookware will last a lifetime. The enamel is chip and crack resistant and suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, induction, halogen hobs and the oven.

The set includes a very handy Dutch oven and lid, a signature saucepan and a signature iron hand skillet. Not only are these babies durable, but they also look beautiful and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Cast Iron Cookware Set
Le Creuset

Instant Pot

This 7-in-1 is an all-around handy device that will last many years. It has a pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yoghurt maker, steamer, sauté pan and food warmer all in one handy gadget.

We love how versatile this pot is, with this multi-tool you’ll only buy one device saving on cupboard space and waste disposal when the product comes to the end of its life.

7 in 1 Cooker
Instant Pot

The earthy style of these bowls just feels wholesome. They are made from coconut shells that originate from Southern Vietnam. Purchasing these bowls help local farmers to generate a secondary income from a byproduct that was previously burned.

It’s a feel-good purchase that looks wonderfully good as well.

Natural Coconut Bowls & Spoons
Jungle Culture

Stand mixer

This trusty mixer is perfect for women who would like to cook at home more often. It makes easy work of bread and pizza dough as well as cakes if she has a sweet tooth. Help her skip the potentially harmful ingredients in shop-bought baked goods with one of these kitchen must-haves.

She’ll be able to enjoy freshly home bakes for many years to come.

Stand Mixer
Kenwood Chef

The Perfect Accessory for a Social Butterfly

Does she enjoy bringing the girls or the family together? If so, you’re in luck as one of these sustainable gifts is the perfect companion for a busy social life.

Martini Glasses

These beautiful martini glasses will make you ditch the plastic party cups for sure. Lead-free and dishwasher safe, these will work well and look good for many years to come.

Stylish Martini Glasses

Wine Glasses

Made from lead-free crystal glass, these handblown glasses are both elegant and beautiful. The packaging is reusable. These glasses are versatile and will make the perfect gift for any wine-loving lady.

Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses

Mixing Set

Perfect for cocktail lovers and women who like to entertain. This set is solid and durable, made from stainless steel and alloy. It’s dishwasher safe and will make incredible cocktails

Mixology Cocktail Set
Various brands depending on country

Sustainable Athleisure for the Fitness Enthusiast

Impress her with sustainable athleisure wear, these durable items are kind to the environment as it is made from sustainable bamboo fabric.

Sustainable Leggings

Stretchy and supportive leggings that regulate heat and protect against UV rays. These are comfortable and supportive full-length leggings that are super soft to the touch. The fabric sculpts the bum and legs while remaining opaque, even when squatting. The waistband is super flattering and comfortable.

Deep Waistband Bamboo Leggings
Bamboo Clothing

BAM Leggings

Beautiful high-waisted leggings that are super durable with ribbing at the waistband so that it’s super comfortable and stay in place. Double ankle ribbing ensures a perfect fit. These leggings are made from sustainable and breathable bamboo viscose with great stretch. The seamless design makes these super comfortable and the contracts panels are incredibly flattering.

Balance Bamboo Leggings
Bamboo Clothing

Gift Ideas for the Avid Gardener

Whether she likes to grow flowers or food indoors or outdoors, a gardening gift will bring joy for many years to come. There really is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing beautiful plants flourish.


With this book, she can learn how to grow her own delicious veggies at home. It covers topics such as composting, saving seeds and focus on sustainable organic growing practices. It’s a comprehensive book to help any beginner get started.

The handy sidebars have garden centre survival tips and offer useful advice to build confidence. You’ll also find photographs with ideas for beautiful planting beds and more.

The Backyard Gardener
Kelly Orzel

Sustainable grow kit

Grow spicy peppers at home with this compact indoor vegetable garden. The kit comes with heirloom, non-GMO Anaheim Pepper Seeds and Jalapeno seeds, ready for planting

This kit contains everything you need for a spicy garden. You’ll find the seeds, grow bags with waterproof lining, potting soil disks and bamboo plant pot markers. You’ll also find garden shears and a durable lined wooden box, perfect for a windowsill.

Grow your own Seed Kit
Various brands depending on country

Sustainable Herb kit

With this kit, she can grow organic herbs at home. The box contains certified organic and non-GMO seeds.

The kit includes Thyme, Giant of Italy Parsley, Garlic Chives, Slow Bolt Cilantro, Italian Large Leaf Basil and 5 compostable pots.

Organic Non-GMO Herb Starter Kit
Happiness Store

If you are looking for more ideas and you live in the UK, please visit WEARTH London, they have a large range of incredible eco gift options that you’ll love.

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