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Best Organic Soap

Best Organic Soap for Naturally Clean & Beautiful Skin

The best organic soaps are made from natural ingredients and are good for your skin type, toxin-free and good for the planet. Soap should not dry out your skin, it should cleanse naturally and support radiant, beautiful skin. This page contains affiliate links Top Picks for the Best Organic Soap...

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Zero Waste Makeup Brands

12 Zero Waste Makeup Brands to Try and Love

Most make-up found in high street shops or your local mall is filled with all kinds of questionable ingredients; preservatives, chemicals and stuff that you would be better off without. But we are starting to see real alternatives to popular beauty brands that are kind to our bodies, the planet...

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Natural Skincare: Easy Homemade DIY Facial Oil

Over the past few years, I have become very fond of using organic and natural oils as a moisturiser. It's been a life-changing experience as there is an oil for any skin issue and if you learn to blend these yourself it can be a wonderful clean skin and money-saving...

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Homemade sugar scrub

Decadent Homemade Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub is super easy to make at home. Even shop bought scrubs tend to consist of similar basic ingredients you can normally find in the kitchen. Homemade scrubs won't contain potentially toxic ingredients as you know exactly what you've put in it.

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Skin and body care

8 of the Best Clean Skin Body Oils. And Recipes to Make your Own

There is something truly indulgent and luxurious about body oils, it’s ultra moisturising and decadent, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. It’s not something you’ll put on right before you rush out the door, even the lightest oils need time to gently soak in. That is the point of...

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3 Reasons Why AHAs Will Give you Glowing Skin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are natural acids found in mainly fruits and vegetables that are an absolute must-have in any skincare regime and can help you get radiant glowing skin. I remember speaking to my dermatologist Dr Hardie de Beer, who was a pioneer in his field and one of...

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Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap. Which is better?

Is bar soap or liquid soap better? Asking people if they prefer bar soap can cause a bit of marmite 'esque' debate, some love it and some hate it. Over the last decade or so, liquid soap has become very popular, to be honest, it's hard to remember the days...

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